Our Vision

Working with men from all different paths of life caused me to realize that many hadn’t been taught how to be men of God. Our fathers were either so busy building careers or in many cases just gone – left – or even worse abusive and condemning that men were spiritually dying for lack of being taught. So out of this ‘holy discontent’ the vision of the Waterboyz was birthed “We want to help ordinary men be transformed into mighty warriors for the Kingdom”.


The name ‘Waterboyz for Jesus’ grew out of a God prompting during a weekly men’s group to start a God fund. We didn’t have anything in mind except throwing our scraps into a hat each week and waiting to see what God would do with it. The day our fund reached a $100 I received an email from a lady whose dad lives in South Africa asking for a $100 to run some water pipes to a small village about a mile from the water source. We of course heard God’s voice and were obedient. The next week we read John 4 and heard God saying that He did indeed have rivers of living water that we didn’t know about. From there this ‘God-fund’ of scraps (something we give up in order to contribute – make our own coffee; wash our own cars; etc) has funded dozens of micro-businesses all over the world, bought hundreds of shoes for barefoot Hondurans, purchased water coolers in India, as well as funding dozens of local service projects for the single moms, the elderly, and those who live at the ‘margins’ of our society here in our community. So a huge part of our DNA has grown out of Isaiah 58 and following God’s heart to serve the oppressed, the poor, and the forgotten.


In addition to serving others, our vision gets really practical by challenging men to accept the 6+1 challenge. Pursuing a daily relationship with God is our non-negotiable starting point. If a man isn’t willing to invest time with Jesus then nothing else matters and nothing else will create transformation in our lives. Games up!


Once a man decides to begin the adventure we realize that God calls us into community – true community as a way of providing us with support, accountability, and sometimes a spiritual kick in the pants. Our 10MEN tables follow a very simple format that calls the men to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Each table lasts for only one hour. It starts on time and ends on time – men don’t like being held hostage. When a table has more than 10 men we multiply creating another table. This keeps it small enough for each man to matter and build an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability. We start by praying together. Then we make an announcement about upcoming service projects, fellowship opportunities, Yeah God’s, and prayer requests. We SOAP a chapter in the book of the bible we are currently working our way through. SOAP is an acronym for S = Letting God speak a verse to you as the chapter is read out loud and writing it down. O = observation, as you thought about this verse what did God bring to your mind? A = application, how can you turn this into a ‘Monday useable’ step? Where can you apply this in your life? P = prayer, write out a prayer sealing the deal with God, or asking God to do an inside-out job on your heart to shape your will into alignment with His will. With our minds set on God the table leader asks a question that God has prompted which allows the men to laugh, cry, and tell the truth to each other and life. This question always either starts at the cross or ends at the cross. Then we close the meeting by drawing a phone number and making a commitment to that man to pray for him during the week and to call him at least once to ask him how his week is going and to pray with him. We have a pray to close and then the men throw their ‘scraps’ into a pile for the table treasurer to collect. These ‘scraps’ fund our service and mission projects – orphanages; water projects; English Medium school in India.



On the third Saturday of every month we go serve someone in our community (God always shows us the next project) for a few hours. We gather, read a little bit of scripture, and then eat some donuts, drink some coffee, and become the hands and feet of Jesus too someone in need. We see Jesus clearly in each other and in those we serve. Our faith is strengthened we love Jesus more deeply and we love each other as a band of brothers.


Once a year we have a men’s choir (100-150 MEN singing on Father’s day about our intention to speak to our wives; families; churches; communities; country; and nations about who Jesus is), and a semi-annual men’s boot camp where we go to rediscover our heart and spirit of adventure and passion. These weekends are RADICALLY transformational and mission critical for every man.


 This is our vision. There is nothing new under the sun but seeking the SON with all our heart’s has created an awe and wonder that you have to experience to fully understand. Come and join us!

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How Can I Get Involved?

Just show up at one of the many 10 MAN tables in the area. We already have a place of honor prepared for you! The first meal is on us so come and experience the miracle of together!

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