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Commitment Form for the 2017-100Man Waterboyz Choir

“The Good Father”

Several things have changed this year, most notably, our practice venue is going to be different this year. We will be holding almost all of our practices at Mosaic Church in Frederick. The church is located at 5300 Westview Dr.  Suite 200, Frederick, MD 21703

 Please read through the commitment form and respond to all requested information.

Practice Schedule: (Check all dates you can attend) Practices will be held from 7:00-9:00 PM at Mosaic Church 5300 Westview Dr.  Suite 200, Frederick 21703 unless otherwise noted.  Check the practices you can commit to.

Monday, May 15  (All Practice)
Monday, May 22  (All Practice)
Tuesday, May 30  (All Practice)
Monday, June 5  (All Practice)
Thursday, June 15   (Dress rehearsal at DRCC)

Worship Schedule: Please check which events you would be available for.  Small group roster to be determined, all to sing at Faith Night.

DRCC (Father’s Day weekend): June 17 – 5:00 p.m.; June 18 – 8:00 and 11:00 a.m.
Grace Community Church (Frederick): July 9 (time to be announced)
Fredericktowne Baptist Church: (date and time to be announced)

I, (type your name) want to be part of the 100 Man Choir and will commit to the REQUIRED times and places listed above and will make every effort to be there on time.

Check here to agree to these terms:  

Signed Date: 

Please provide the following information:

10 Man Table (which table if attending):   
Home Church:

Read carefully and complete the shirt information below as well:  

Black Polo-If you need a black polo please check here and select your size below (We will verify information at practice as well):

Please Note: If ordering a polo shirt, an additional $20.00 is requested.

A $10.00 registration fee is requested to offset costs.  Please make checks payable to:The Waterboyz for JESUS

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