Men's Advance Feedback Form

To all who participated in the Men's Advance...
Thank you for making this retreat a true God adventure.

It is our goal to structure these retreats so that we can all experience God in a fresh new way.  To help us know how we can best do that we would like to ask that each of you take a moment to tell us about your experience during this past retreat by answering the few questions listed below.  Your answers will remain completely anonymous and will be used to provide the leaders of these events your insights as to how we can improve upon the experience had by all.

Thank you ahead of time for your feedback,
The Waterboyz

What should we do more of   
What should we do less of  
How did God show Himself to you this weekend  
How is your life going to be different because you came  
Would you recommend coming to next year’s ADVANCE to your friends  

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Reflecting Back...

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